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Txuspo Poyo


Since the 1990s, Txuspo Poyo has followed a distinct process method that is marked by its use of montage to trace juxtaposed stories embarking from the point of exploration and analysis of certain generational events at their hybrid cross. These range from the celluloid series, where he disassembled films and interweaved the filmed images together, to the use of the Pixel Vision camera as a pre-technological toy; the aim being to conduct a documentary study of the relational elements of moral, gender based, social and psychological behavior of animated characters in Western culture. These propositions have given rise to narratives that draw their tension from interconnected images, plots in which unfinished historical remnants converge with fragments of the cultural imaginary, both individual and collective, lifted from history, film, architecture and science fiction. His works offer a re-reading of procedures and models of production and representation.