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Crossing Tracks. 2003

Digital video, 3 minutes, color, stereo. New York 2003.

After the september 11th the way to see and feel things has chanching radically. The EEUU goverment involves the world of fear by control.
"Crossing Tracks. If you see something say something" is a project into the subway sistem, in Manhattan. A place in transit,where peoples are using everyday to work. The subway is cover with a propaganda posters by the Goverment in English and Spanish. This is the first time that the govermente start use the Hispanish language. This is one of the issue, and other is how the poster impacts to the peoples mentality.

Exhibitions: Museo Artium, Vitoria/Gasteiz; Centre d'Art La Panera, Lleida; Museo de Arte y Diseño de Costa Rica; Loop, Barcelona; ARCO 2004, Galería Vanguardia, Madrid; Kassel Film Festival, Alemania; Kornhaus Forum, Bern, Suiza; Zinebi, Bilbao; Galería Valle Ortí, Valencia; Diva Festival, Gallery MPA, Nueva York; MNCARS, Madrid; Instituto Cervantes, Nueva York; Paris-Foto, Francia.

Colección C2M. Móstoles
Colección Museo de Navarra

After the September 11 attacks, the channels connecting the city of New York inland and with the outlying areas have become places of maximum risk. This risk installs warning and fear. Warning that, in the form of direct propaganda, extends from places of subterranean transit to bridges of entry and exit.
From that moment on, the governmental authorities began to think of the Spanish-speaking population and used their language in information on posters and signs, though until that time it had been omitted.

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