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The Smell room and the still image from the end of a NO-DO. Madrid, 2000

Four machines were firing in synchrony –two by two- essences of chocolate and butter. The conjunction of both essences revealed the walls of the place in their time, amnesia of contents, with a strong charge of peculiar sensations. At times smells travel farther than visual memory itself.
The second proposal was intimately related in time with the first one. Value, possibility and game-lottery. With the cheque that would fall to each participating artist for production (100,000 old pesetas), the concept for this piece was to hide the cheque and count on the willingness of the audience-spectator to hunt for it and, should it be discovered, to draw the amount shown on it. Thus was created the expectation that the spectator would become the first piece, would look, that is, further than 360º, beyond the works on show, to create personal strategies of perception. The cheque was concealed in an envelope with the postal address of Doméstico. The postal code formed part of the set-up: a house with seven rooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms… to which was added the post box.

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