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Drawing with matches on the wall. 2002

"Domestic combustions: héroes with flaw", 2002

4000 wooden matches on the Wall
When I made this Project I was living in Brooklyn, New York. The involvement of both places in the project would be the final result of the piece. So, I loaded my case with more than 2000 matches and asked the organisers in La Havana to get me another 2000 Cuban matches. The now 4000 matches formedan enormous symbol of Superman on the wall. The S involved American and at the same time Cuban iconography, both parts were represented by their respective matches. The final test lay in their combustion and, for that to happen, all the matches had to collaborate equally in a common project. The result: between the roar of fire and the silence of ashes.

Drawing on a wall with wooden matches. The WARNING or 20th CENTURY texts take on a new meaning after their combustion. 1995

Video tapes come with an FBI copyright warning. Restriction and protection against improper use of the tape by the market. The cinema industry has created a norm, and it has exported it to all other countries as part of its culture. The ambiguity of the texts, and the imposition of them, cause an erosion and a clash in its values.

20th Century Fox

Drawing by matches on the wall. Atlantica Magazine Project, n#11, 1995.


Drawing by matches on the wall. Atlantica Magazine Project, n# 11, 1995. Canarias Museum of Contemporary Art. Spain.

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