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Eight Full Kane. 2002

Digital video. 19 minutes, color, stereo sound. New York

Tree pool players, two sort cuts inside the pool table and one crystal ball -“rose bud” from a film “Citizen Kane”. A narrative allegoric teller where developed cultural transfers into a still life… “Citizen Kane” is a collection of dreams. This hierarchical picture shows us a symbolic plot of human vanities, like Hollywood films, that make a cliché of the occidental culture, using a rhetorical language.
The building of narratives is not subject to the pattern based on the cause-effect chain reaction. The repetitions, the suspension of linear time, the asynchronous expression of space and time destroy the “classic sense of chronology. Time became to artificial and artful measure that reveals and reflects the constructed reality to which it refers. The adoption of a new narrative forms that blow apart the classic scheme and contribute to different parallels arguments in a single work allows for the coexistence of different viewpoints. This multiplicity of simultaneous arguments becomes the matrix of the work. Part of this matrix is the strong references to the cinematographic gaze, on the way that how the films become mythology and crime at the same time like reality and fiction. The scale of western archetypes applying strategies that are more methodical and closer to social question…. the field is a cultural conflict.

Colección Fundación Botín
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