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Ligth boxes, 20x10x30 cm. each. 2001

Semiotic EXIT signposting is a referent for movements in a place of transit: indicator light-boxes leading towards the exits to a building. It arouses interest because of the contribution it makes to a double interpretation of the sign, on the one hand, because of its strategic location on the threshold, with the distinction between public and private and, on the other, in its nomenclature of the nomadic. The project in itself consists of the direct appropriation of this code and of adding more specific content to it. I went back, therefore, to the signifier of Exit, searching for words that might replace the term, which is how EXILE and EXIST appeared, with a resemblance shared by both their semantics and their syntax. They both endowed the word Exit with a socio-political connotation and a presence that is not only physical but spiritual. The first exoduses of the 21st century were the product of catastrophes, some natural, some caused by economic factors, involving the displacement of millions of people, not just in the supposed third world but also in the first.

Exhibitions: ISCP (International Studio and Curatorial Program), Nueva York, 2001; espacio C, Camargo (Cantabria), 2006; Museo de Arte y Diseño Comtemporáneo, Costa Rica, 2008; Museo ARTIUM, Vitoria/Gasteiz, 2010.

Centre d’Art La Panera. Lleida, 2011

“EXIT EXIST EXILE” catalogue
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