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Happy Birthday in Lucy. 1995

Video made with a Fisher Price. 15 minutes, B/W, stereo. New York, 1995

This, one of the most enigmatic works of the artist Txuspo Poyo, takes us into the suffocating and decadent atmosphere of a spaceship in which only one last astronaut seems to survive. The artist makes us partakers of the last days of this lonely character and his chores within the limited confines of his cabin. The images that have survived and reached the earth are distorted, in some cases blurred, and interferences are frequent, but despite this, we can get an idea of how the last days of this space pilot have been, who seems to have focused her existence on being able to celebrate the birthday of someone she remembers with special intensity, Lucy. This work escapes the narrative linearity and through fragments and fragments of images manages to build a dense and sometimes distressing atmosphere, in which dreams, memories and thoughts of the only protagonist are mixed with scenes of his life inside the ship.
Robots, buttons and diving suits build the reality of this isolated character in the space that wants to get a message to someone on earth. His words, distorted by distance, at times become intelligible, the transmission is defective and appears choppy, yet his message has reached the earth.
With this work, again Txuspo Poyo pays homage to science fiction films and surrounds himself with an iconography taken from the space cinema of the 60s, located between the machinery and complex technology of the time a personal story, showing the intimacy of a being that lives isolated in space but keeps thinking about the earth. Undoubtedly a work of impeccable invoice that presents a moving story.

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