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Herrorismo. 2001

16mm color film on loop, on 16mm projector. 75 seconds.

The lion of MGM is part of the imaginary collective of cinema of the 20th Century. The piece took the lion on fire as a mechanics representation between image(Lion) and the last machine(Projector).

This work was made for the ARCO Project Room 2001. The animation of the lion of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer, in a mechanical device of a projector of 16 mm and its projection, melts the lion of the MGM in an instantaneous combustion of the celluloid. The symbol of the lion and its roar simulated by the mechanism of the projector, it is transformed into a drastic landscape of smoke and fire to recompose itself in its The End of warlike genre. The viewer mechanically synchronizes the fictitious combustion of the image, caused by the projector itself. His state of frustration is reflected, when the principle is supplanted by the immediate end.

Herrorismos in “U.N(Inverse)”. Centre d’Art La Panera, Lleida, 2011

Museo Artium, 2010

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