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The Charles Manson Chicks. 1999

Infrared photographs

This was the title chosen for a project presenting a series of documents published by Charles Manson from San Quentin State Prison, California, in 1984. Manson was serving a life sentence there, accused of first-degree murder for the death of the actress Sharon Tate and five of her guests in Los Angeles in 1968. The Living Color Magazine and Worldwide Understanding launched a series of publications consisting of letters and poems written by Manson, in which, in a rather sordid fashion, he exposed his complex personality to the world. We must not forget that, since his arrest, Manson had been a “phenomenon” popularised by the information media, who transformed his crime into a myth which was to occupy a place of privilege on the dark side of human existence, where he was attributed no more and no less than the role of “disciple of evil” due to his violent and cruel nature as a wild animal.

Las novias de Charles Manson. Gaur, Hemen, Orain. Installation. Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao,2001

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