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Word is a gun for rent

181201046L catalogue, newspaper of U.N(Inverse).

Sequences to plot sense

Interzones catalogue, Atlántica nº 11

After 2001

Catalogue of Sala Montcada, Fundación la Caixa, Barcelona

WRECKITECTURE (Architecture of Disaster)

Text in the U.N(Inverse) catalogue, published by Artium and Center d’Art La Panera.

The Universe of U.N(Inverse)

Text in the U.N(Inverse) catalogue, published by Artium and Center d’Art La Panera.

The Charles Manson Chicks

The American writer Charles Manson had a relationship with the penitentiary system from the age of 17: when accused of orchestrating the murder of eight people in 1969, he had spent almost the whole of his adolescence, since 1951, in and out of prison for [...]

A conversation with Txuspo Poyo

Published in Atlántica, Revista de Arte Contemporáneo y Pensamiento, Nº 48-49 Projects >> Tree House

The ideology of Tape

More than 30 years ago, in New York, the Argentinian artist Jaime Davidovich presented his adhesive tape projects, called “Tape”, and more than 10 years have gone by since Txuspo Poyo put out his own work made with the same and similar materials. This conversation [...]

Fragments of a conversation

Fito Rodríguez —It is significant that the first thing you did was with the Fisher Price toy camera, using it firstly with a certain fascination for the object, rather than for the moving image. Txuspo Poyo —Actually, I had a relationship not just with that [...]

The Charles Manson chicks

This was the title chosen for a project presenting a series of documents published by Charles Manson from San Quentin State Prison, California, in 1984. Manson was serving a life sentence there, accused of first-degree murder for the death of the actress Sharon Tate and [...]

Doris Lessing. An apocryphal conversation

As someone who has kept a diary for decades and has consumed memories and intimate texts by writers and artists since my teen years, reading at the age of 39 The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing changed my way of dealing with writing. It even [...]

Remembering Cheeta: Pal Chimp and Tarzan Co-Star

On December 24, 2011, Cheeta, la mona Chita, died of kidney failure. If it had died on any other day of the year I wouldn’t remember Debbie Cobb, director of the exclusive primate asylum where the chimp lived after its retirement from showbiz, delivering the [...]

Louise Bourgeois, or the ladder to the void

What most drew my attention to this obituary, which Txuspo Poyo dedicated at one point to Louise Bourgeois, was the crisscrossing of ladders which invaded the entire page of the newspaper where the news of her death had appeared. And such a significant and at [...]

Posthumous text

Death and the press During the medieval theocracy, death was viewed as a promise of social levelling: worldly inequalities collapsed and death made everyone equal in a democratic limbo: the bishop and the servant, the king and the beggar. If this fantasy ever really comforted [...]


FOR NO APPARENT REASON 1. On 23 March, 2001 the Mir Space Station was destroyed and fell into the sea from its orbit more than 300 km above the surface of the Earth. The Mir was the first scientific and astronomical research laboratory project in [...]

13 Ways of Mistranslating Txuspo Poyo

1. “Animation,” Txuspo Poyo writes me, using a language, English, which is not his mother tongue but which he inhabited for several years, is a “sweet arrow that goes from education program to war conflict.” I ponder this statement, translating it into back into a [...]